January 7, 2024

We operate with customers’ drawings of any format. Our firm delivers CNC machining of aluminum components with a precision of up to ,01 mm. B&K Precision Machining processes all sorts of aluminum alloys. Also, we are pleased to support your engineers with the optimization of your component to either reduce the price or boost complex attributes of the element in the course of its exploitation.

Aluminum is an excellent substance for elements generation
Aluminum is gentle, plastic and easy to method materials. It is considerably less tough than steel but it has better corrosion resistance. If the hardness of the aluminum fulfills your needs we would recommend taking into consideration this alloy for your components manufacturing. In this kind of a case, you will save income on the very materials in addition, it will aid to decrease the manufacturing time.

Overall, aluminum areas are 3 times more rapidly to be machined than the very same elements created of steel. You will preserve also on the tools, as for aluminum processing, creation costs are lowered. Therefore, if your areas can be made of aluminum it is recommended to adhere with it.

Aluminum is an exceptional content for components creation
Common issues for CNC machining of aluminum elements. Details to preserve in brain for engineers.
There are a couple of challenges you need to have to preserve in brain planning aluminum components. 70% of our goods are made of aluminum. We are pleased to share our specialist knowledge with you.

The significance of picking the proper alloy
Do not hurry to make a selection when picking aluminum alloy for your undertaking. The proper alloy could substantially enhance complex traits of your solution. Here are some most common sorts of aluminum utilized in CNC machining:

aluminum 6061 – mainly employed on 3,4 and five axis CNC milling machines. It has wonderful mechanical houses and is straightforward to weld. The hardness of this alloy ranges from medium to high stage. This alloy is simple to anodize and bend.
aluminum 7075 – this alloy has a high influence resistance however, it is not applicable for welding because of to its properties. Also, this alloy has substantial corrosion resistance. It is a really common substance in the bicycle and wheelchair industries.
aluminum 2024 – is widely utilised in the aerospace and navy industries. This alloy has very good wearability and higher corrosion resistance in severe environments. However, it is also deemed to be a poorly weldable content.
We highly recommend you to choose the proper aluminum alloy. Get in touch with our engineers if you want any help with it. Their abundant knowledge in machining a variety of aluminum alloys will absolutely aid you.

CNC machines permit you to manufacture hugely complicated components
We have observed a whole lot in our apply: some clientele apply added processing once the element is machined, some divide one particular element into several factors. Such manipulations must be excluded from your follow as present day CNC equipment can procedure areas of large complexity. This sort of machining can be either achieved by a subsequent established of machining operations or with help of CNC switch-milling equipment. The second option also allows you to drastically lower the price.

aluminum cnc turning parts Keep away from too much heat concentration on aluminum elements
Hold in brain that aluminum has a fairly reduced melting level – 660,3°C. Consequently, it is quite susceptible to thermal deformation.

Our production uses a technologies of symmetrical processing to stay away from thermal deformation of our products. We hugely suggest to sensibly decide on aluminum alloy for the moving elements even in developing bicycles as even the slightest deformation of one particular ingredient may direct to damages in the whole building.

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